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Technical support
7/24 hours technical support

For Cable TV service providers, the implementation and operation new technologies (DOCSIS 3.1, IP based phone solutions, digital video solutions) is becoming a growing burden.

Technical solutions are becoming increasingly difficult, with headend devices deployed in networks becoming more complex and of higher value. Therefore, the operation of modern networks requires an ever-increasing number of qualified and professional staff and more and more expensive spare equippments.

Our company has extensive professional experience in HFC, cable Internet, cable telephony and FTTH solutions. We have been dealing with this field since 2003, and we have gained professional experience in the products of several manufacturing companies. We can install the solutions we sell and, if necessary, support them on several levels.

At our site, we have created a test lab with all the cable internet and FTTH headend units and modem types available. In our lab we can test and reproduce  our customer's problems to speed up the problem solving process.

In addition, we have a large set of spare units. We also have a spare device for all of the CMTS types sold, HFC devices, and FiberHome FTTH headend devices, providing up to 4 hours of device replacement for potential failures.

System Support Contents:

  • Telephony support: Depending on the level of system support, either during business hours or on all days of the week 0-24 hours, we accept the questions and problem descriptions via phone.

  • Consultancy: We provide consultation opportunities on a regular basis, according to the needs of our clients.

  • Provide technical documentation: Our customer will have access to all new information about the system that is delivered (eg Error warning, new product features, release notes, etc.).

  • Provide new software and firmware versions

  • Remote problem diagnostics: In case of a specific technical fault, remote diagnostic checks are performed. The purpose of the check is to identify and correct the error, to examine the operation and condition of the system.

  • On site support: If it is not possible to remotely resolve and troubleshoot the problem, we provide on-site assistance.

  • Provide replacement equipment:  In case of a device failure, we provide a replacement unit within the deadline specified in the support contract and give it for the duration of the repair.

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