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Consultancy and network design
Consultancy, network design and installation

Cable MSOs are forced to continuously increase the speed of data services and launch IP-based telephony and digital video services due to the growing competition for subscribers.

Previously, the technologies used were relatively simple and service provider companies were not forced to choose between different technologies. Nowadays, service providers have to choose between alternative solutions and the advanced technologies used are becoming more complex and their introduction and operation require more and more expertise.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to focus on choosing a long-term competitive network structure and solution. Or, in the case of scarce financial resources, it is worthwhile to implement continuous minor improvements based on a longer-term strategy.

The selected network topology is highly dependent on the capabilities of the service company and the area to be supplied (Starting from an existing HFC network or being a completely new network. You need to implement the network in block of flats or in a residential area).

That's why our company, with years of professional experience and the support of our partners, wants to help its clients with the best choice of network structure and technology and network planning.

Our company could also help in the installation and configuration of the purchased products or solutions.

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