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FTTH optical solutions
Active GPON solution

Our company offers solutions for different sizes (from a few hundred to many thousands of subscribers) and type (Pont-Point and Pont-Multipoint) FTTH networks. Our company offers FiberHome and EXPON high quality, reliable, cost-effective FTTH active solutions for its customers.

GPON Point-Multipoint solution

The offered Point-Multipoint GPON (fully compatible with the ITU-T G.984 standard) solution is suitable for the last-mile subscriber access networks. With current devices, up to 128 (up to 64 recommended in case of 1550nm CATV overlay) subscribers can share 2.5 Gbps tunel in download and 1.25 Gbps tunel in upload direction. In this case, we start from the headend with one optical fiber and split the signal towards 64 or 128 by a passive optical PLC splitter near the subscribers.

Benefits of MMN Active FTTH Solution:

  • Turnkey, reliable and proven solutions (FTTH headend and subscriber devices, 1550nm CATV transmitters and amplifiers, optical passives and complete software solution).

  • Many years of HFC and FTTH experience.

  • Compact and modular headend solutions.

  • Solutions for different sizes networks (from 50 to many thousands of subscribers).

  • Customized solutions for telecom operators and hospitality applications  like hotels and residential parks.

Categories of MMN Active Solution:

  • FiberHome GPON Point-Multipoint solution

  • CATV Overlay

Passive FTTH solution

In case of a FTTH network construction, designing and building a passive optical distribution network is one of the most important tasks. The key issue for the return of the FTTH investment is that the passive distribution network should be constructed of high quality and affordable building blocks that are durable. An important aspect in designing a distribution network is the ease of subscribers connection and the ease of operation of the network.

Our solutions include Ilsintech's splice-on optical connectors, Grandway's optical splicing closures, distribution and subscriber boxes, and high quality, reliable, affordable optical splitters and other passives.

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