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DOCSIS products
DOCSIS based solutions

With the continuous growth of data rates and the number of digital video channels, service providers are forced to continuously segment existing HFC networks and continuously expand DOCSIS-based data and voice communications solutions.

In the case of newly built networks, the service providers usually decide to build an optical FTTH network. However, for existing HFC networks, the development of DOCSIS-based infrastructure is the most economical solution.

In case of HFC DOCSIS applications it is possible to purchase low-cost DOCSIS 3.0 refurbished devices in the short term. In the long run, the transition to DOCSIS 3.1 can be a potential solution.

Our company offers both refurbished second-hand Cisco uBR CMTS configurations and new Cisco CBR-8 CCAP central units that support the new DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

We can also offer used and new Technicolor (and former Cisco) models from subscriber devices.

Advantages of Multimedia Networks Ltd.

Multimedia Networks Ltd. has significant professional experience and references in the field of cable modems and cable modem controllers. We have been dealing with these products since 2003. We have gained professional experience in the products of several different vendors. We can install the devices we sell, if necessary, and we can support it even in 7/24 hours.

At our site, we have created a test lab with all the types of CMTS and cable modem distributed, and where we can test clients' problems, we can also reproduce this to speed up the problem solving.

Categories of the DOCSIS solutions:

  • Cisco cBR-8 DOCSIS 3.1 CCAP headend platform

  • Cisco uBR CMTS products

  • Technicolor cable modems

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