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Splice-on connector
Ilsintech FTTH splice-on connector

Ilsintech's high-quality and low-cost field splicable optical connectors (SOC - Splice-on Connector) provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for terminating subscriber cables. Ilsintech splice-on connectors have many advantages over other quick mechanical connectors.
Ilsintech has a registered patent (PKT / KR2010 / 005713) for the interior design of the connector. Thus, the connector is significantly more resistant to external, ferrule-like mechanical impacts.

In contrast to Ilsintech connectors, other manufacturers, pre-stripped and cleaved splice-on connectors are shipped with an 900um outer coating. The stripping and fiber cleaving occurs before splicing. In this way, the price of the connectors is much more favorable and the connectors are less vulnerable.

Splice-on connectors, compared to mechanical quick connectors, have significantly lower insertion loss (0.1-0.2 dB, 0.4-0.8 dB instead) and much longer service life. Practical data show that operating costs are also significantly lower when using splice-on connectors.

The splice-on connector contains a factory-pre-polished ferrule and therefore there is no need for epoxy fixation and field polishing. The Ilsintech range includes SC, LC, FC and ST connectors, matching versions for different cables (250um, 900um, 3mm and indoor cable). The splice-on connectors are easy to install using the Ilsintech Swift optical splicer family (F1, F1+ S5, KF4, KF4A and K11).

Product Features:

  • Full compatibility with the IEC61754-4, KS C6974(F04), JIS C5973(F04) and Telcordia GR-326 standards

  • It can be used for direct splicing for different diameter (0.9, 2, 2.4 and 3mm) subscriber connection cables and indoor cable (2mmx3mm).

  • Enhanced high quality with improved optical characteristics (insertion loss and return loss).

  • Improved tensile strength (over 60N).

  • The four elements can be easily assembled after splicing.

  • It meets the vertical burn test. The materials meet with the UL94V-0 standard.


FTTH splice-on connectors catalogue


Video guide for mounting connectors:

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