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Optical cleaning

Optical connector cleaning

In modern telecommunications networks, the size of the optical network part is constantly increasing. Keeping the optical connectors clean is essential for optimal quality parameters and network reliability.

This is especially true when using devices with high output power. In this case, the dirt on the optical connectors can even cause the optical connector to burn.

In addition to our traditional cleaning tools (alcohol and fiber-free wipes), our company offers a unique solution developed by Jonard for cleaning optical connectors and adapters. We also offer optical connector test microscopes for optical connection cleaning.

Categories of the optical cleaning:

  • Jonard optical connector cleaning

  • Traditional optical cleaning products

  • Optical connector testing microscopes

Jonard optical connector cleaning

Since 1958, the US company Jonard Tools has been offering high quality tools. The company offers tools for building coaxial, optical and telecommunication networks.

Jonard Tools has recently introduced a range of products for efficient and easy cleaning of optical connectors. Thanks to the unique patented processes, Jonard cleaners remove impurities more reliably and efficiently than competing solutions, regardless of the user's professional knowledge.


FCC-300 Universal optical connector cleaner


The new, FCC-300 Universal Fiber Connector Cleaner incorporates a new non-woven, synthetic cleaning cloth offering greater durability, usability and improved reliability and suitable for dry and wet cleaning. The patented Slide-Guide connector socket ensures stable and perfect cleaning quality.

Product features:

  • ​Automatic “Clean and Advance” tape technology provides a fresh cleaning surface after each swipe eliminating waste and guaranteeing long tool life. 

  • Extra durable, compact and highly reliable cleaner

  • Applicable for over 500 cleanings

  • Works with both Simplex or Duplex applications

  • It supports the following optical connectors: simplex SC, FC, ST, LC and MU and duplex LC/PC and MU/PC

FCC-300 datasheet

FCC-300 videi


FCC-250 Optical connector cleaner 2.5 mm

The FCC-250 connector cleaner is suitable for cleaning 2.5mm optical connectors and adaptors. Compared to competing products, it uses two unique procedures. Instead of a very narrow cleaning strip in other similar products, the FCC-250 comes with a broader cleaning strip that ensures cleaning of the entire connector surface. Unique 360 degree rotating cleaning head provides the perfect cleaning.

Product Features:

  • ​Patented individual cleaning procedures

  • Highly reliable "Slide-Guide" non-slip micro tape dispenser

  • The double-head 360 degree cleaning head ensures perfect cleaning quality

  • Simply press a button to extend the cleaning head

  • More than 800 optical cleaning

  • SC, FC and ST optical connector cleaning

  • FCC-120 alternative product for cleaning MPO optical connectors

  • FCC-125 Alternative Product Version for Cleaning LC Optical Connectors

FCC-250 datasheet

FCC-250 video

Optical cleaning products

We offer optical cleaning products for cleaning optical fibers and connectors.

ISO250 Isopropyl alcohol spray 250ml

Product Features:

  • High purity 99.7% isopropyl alcohol

  • 250ml size

  • Allows for spotless cleaning

  • Suitable for cleaning optical fibers, connectors and general technical cleaning


SWI400 pure cotton wipes 400pcs

Product Features:

  • ​ 4x100pcs pure cotton optical cleaning wipes

  • 10x10 cm wipe size

  • Suitable for cleaning optical fibers before the splicing and cleaning optical connectors


VMD 89L Isopropyl alcohol 1l

Product Features:

  • ​High purity 99.8% isopropanol

  • 1l capacity

  • Allows for spotless cleaning

  • Suitable for cleaning optical fibers, connectors and for general technical cleaning


Menda 35702 pump alcohol dispenser

Product Features:

  • ​Foldable cap

  • Pump operation

  • Lockable pump for easy transport

  • Easy to fill due to the large diameter neck section

Optical microscopes

OCI-20BN Optical connector inspector microscope


The OCI-20BN connector inspector microscope is suitable for testing the surface of optical fibers and connectors. The microscope makes it easy to identify impurities and injuries.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with various optical connectors

  • Video input (microscope) for testing connectors and connectors

  • Separate monitor

  • Audio and video recording capability

  • Multimedia playback

  • Large storage capacity: TF card up to 16GB

  • Data transfer via USB 2.0 port

  • 3 hours continuous operation

  • Compact and lightweight design

OCI-20BN datasheet

HUXScope WIFI Optical connector inspection microscope


The HUXScopewifi optical connector test microscope does not have its own display. The device can communicate with smart phones and computers on a Wifi and USB interface.

Product Features:

  • WiFi and USB connection for smart phone or PC

  • Android and iOS (Apple) applications

  • IEC 61300-3-35 Compliance Test

  • Wide range of optical measuring probes for connectors and adapters

  • Save measurement results and reports

  • Real-time measurements through a smart phone

  • Non-slip, robust design, simple focusing

HUXScopewifi datasheet

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