UCL Swift - Ilsintech optical splicers

Our company offers UCL Swift (former ILSINTECH) South Korean optical fiber splicers. Founded in 1982, UCL Swift is one of the leading suppliers of precision fiber optic solutions. 

They offer high quality, affordable traditional and FTTH optical fiber splicers and fiber cleavers at a good price. The offered FTTH optical splicers are recommended for the installation and maintenance of FTTH networks. These FTTH splicers integrate the thermal stripper, fiber cleaver and alcohol feeder. The UCL Swift optical splicers are also suitable for the installation of cost-effective splice-on optical connectors.

Optical fiber splicers manufactured by UCL Swift compete with Japanese splicers in quality and reliability.

Swift K11

Core alignment optical fusion splicer

The Swift K11 core-to-core alignment optical splicer which, like its predecessors, has a very fast splicing (6 seconds) and sleeve heating (9-13 seconds depending on the type of the sleeve). Advanced IPAAS fiber alignment technology offers high quality and low loss splicing. It has extremely reliable, automatic fiber recognition functionality. The high-performance lithium polymer battery provides 250 complete fusion splicing and sleeve heating cycles. Furthermore, 5 inch color monitor with touch screen offers users more convenient and efficient working process.
The K11 optical splicer is also suitable for installing splice-on optical connectors (SOC).

Product features

  • IPAAS Technology Basis Core Alignment

  • Automatic optical fiber recognition (SM-ITU-T G.652, MM-ITU-T G.651, DS-ITU-T G.653, NZDS-ITU-T G.655, SM-ITU-T G.657 A2/B2, SM-ITU-T G.657 B3)

  • Very fast splicing time: 6 sec (quick mode)

  • Very fast sleeve heating time: typical 9 sec (IS-45 sleeve - IS-45 mode), typical 13 sec (IS-60 sleeve - IS-60 mode)

  • Automatic calibration feature:  Detects the surrounding environment of temperature, humidity, air pressure and measures discharge calibration rate automatically

  • Easy to use, user friendly graphical interface

  • Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water:The splicer with high reliability has stable performance even in a harsh environment 

  • Powerful Lithium Polymer Battery with Large Capacity: Performs 300 cycles of fusion splicing and sleeve heating with the standard battery

  • Illuminated control buttons and LED lighting in the sleeve heater

  • 5 inch Color LCD Monitor with Touch Screen

  • Splice-On SOC connector installation possibility

  • Ease of use (300pss splicing and 100pcs heating programs)

  • Low splice loss (0,02dB typical loss in case of SM fiber)

  • It can store 10.000 splice results (With picture)

  • Electrode lifetime: more than 3 500 splicing

Swift K11 datasheet

Ilsintech KF4A

Active Cladding Alignment, ALLINONE+

Swift KF4A is the highly advanced and accurate ACTIVE cladding alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the major 5 multifunctional features systematically : stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. In addition, optional Optical Power Meter and V.F.L(Visual Fault Locator) is embedded in the machine. They allow users check the splice result immediately without additional tools. (ALLINONE+, KF4A+) The Swift KF4A is best fit for fusion splicing and fusion Splice-On Connector(SOC) of FTTx network applications, which eliminates fatal issues with conventional mechanical connectors.(low quality, weak durability and high maintenance cost). Swift KF4A+fusion Splice-On-Connector gives our customer the best ROI.

Product Features:

  • Ideal solution for FTTH installations

  • IPASS Active Clad to Clad Alignment

  • Build-in thermal stripper, alcohol pump and optical cleaver

  • Optional built-in optical power meter and visual fault locator

  • Easy operation (automatic splicing and heating programs)

  • Quick splicing and heating (7s splicing time).

  • Small size and low weight (1.5Kg including batteries)

  • Optional chest harness: the splicer can be attached to the installer's body

  • Powerful batteries (200 splicing sycle)

  • Low splice loss (0,02dB typical loss in SM fiber)

  • Compatible with Fusion Splice-On Connector(SOC) in accordance with the Industrial Standard

Basic Package Contents:

  • Swift KF4 splicer

  • Carrying Case

  • Battery Adapter

  • Cooling tray

  •  KF-3400 battery

  • 1 pair of Fiber Holders 

  • 1 pair spare electrode

Swift KF4A datasheet

Ilsintech KF4

Active Cladding Alignment

Swift KF4 is very versatile and super accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer that satisfies every aspect of splicing requirement. With slim, yet rugged and extremely light, budget priced Swift KF4 assures users of convenient and stable process as well as high performance. 

Product Features:

  • IPASS Active Clad to Clad Alignment

  • Smallest, lightest and quickest

  • Very good value for money

  • Resistance to Shock, Dust and Water

  • Optical splice-on connector compability

  • Low splice loss (0,02dB typical loss in case of SM fiber)

Swift KF4 datasheet

Spare cleaver blades and splicer electrodes

The UCL Swift (Ilsintech) company offers spare parts not only for its own optical fiber splicers and cleavers. They offer spare electrodes, fiber holders, and spare blades for fiber cleavers for different manufacturers (Furukawa, Fujikura, Sumitomo, etc.). Ask for our offer for more information.

CleaverBaldeSplicerElectrode datasheet