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Optical cleavers

Optical cleavers

Our company offers fiber optic cleavers from the South Korean company ILSINTECH. Founded in 1982, ILSINTECH is a leading supplier of precision fiber optic solutions.

The company also offers various types of optical fiber cleavers, automatic fiber strippers and fiber cleaners.

Of the optical fiber cleavers, CI models have a universal fiber holder. Conversely, for CS models, the universal fiber holder can be removed and also compatible with removable fiber holders for spliceable optical connectors. Both models can be order with and without automatic optical fiber collector.

CI-01 optical cleaver


Product Features:

  • ​Low price

  • Stable, multi-stage operation

  • Typical cleave angle: 90 ° ± 0.5 °

  • High precision 16 position blade

  • Adjustable cleave length (10-16mm)

  • Blade lifetime: 50 000 fibers

CI-01 cleaver datasheet

CS-03AT auto rotation blade optical cleaver


Product Features:

  • The new CS-03AT fiber cleaver automatically rotates a position on its blade after each cleave. This results in even blade use and longer blade life.

  • Automatic and manual blade rotation modes.

  • Excellent cleaving quality thanks to the oil damping solution. Oil-damped fiber cleavers break the fiber at a steady speed. This prevents damage to the optical fiber.

  • One step operation

  • Integrated fiber chip box

  • Typical cleave angle: 90° ± 0.5°

  • Cleave length (with universal holder: 5-16mm, with changeable holder: 8mm)

  • Simple blade replacement

  • Blade lifetime: 75 000 fibers

Auto rotation blade cleavers datasheet

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