Other optical instruments

YOKOGAWA AQ6370D Optical spectrum analyzer

The Japanese company YOKOGAWA has 30 years of experience in optical measurement technology and is a market leader in optical spectrum analyzers. Their Optical Spectrum Analyzers are characterized by reliability and unparalleled performance, and their product range includes models for a variety of applications (medical, industrial, telecommunications). On this site we present the AQ6370D model designed for the telecommunications market. Further information on optical spectrum analyzers for other applications is welcome.

Product Features:

  • Measuring wavelength range 600-1700nm

  • Standard and High-Performance Product Versions: The High-Performance version has higher wavelength accuracy and dynamic range

  • 7 different wavelength resolution settings: 20 pm-2nm

  • 7 different level sensitivity setting: up to -90dBm

  • High close-in dynamics range: 78dB

  • Extremely fast measurement speed: only 0.2 sec for 100nm span

  • High wavelength accuracy: + -0.1nm

  • High straylight suppression ratio: 80 dB typ

  • APC connector level correction

  • 15 built-in analysis functions for popular applications

  • Universal optical input: MM and SM connectors can be connected

  • 10.4 inch color LCD display

AQ6370D datasheet

OFI-20A Optical fiber identifier

Product Features:

  • 2,5mm universal interface (compatible with the FC/SC/ST optical connectors)

  • Small, compact design

  • Various output versions of products: up to 15Km detection distance

  • CW or 2Hz modulated operating modes

VLS-8 datasheet

OFI-20A Optical fiber identifier

The OFI-20A is capable of measuring the optical power of a given fiber without connecting, by bending the optical fiber (but without damage).

Product Features:

  • Optical fiber types: 250um, 900um, 2 / 3mm pigtail / patch cables

  • Damage-free signal detection

  • Detecting the strength and direction of the optical signal

  • CW/MOD tone detection

  • Handy, robust design

OFI-20A datasheet

OCI-20BN Optical connector inspector

The OCI-20BN connector test microscope is suitable for testing the surface of optical fibers and connectors. The microscope makes it easy to identify impurities and injuries.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with various optical connectors

  • Video input (microscope) for testing connectors and connectors

  • Separated monitor

  • Audio and video recording capability

  • Multimedia playback

  • Large storage capacity: TF card up to 16GB

  • Data transfer via USB 2.0 port

  • 3 hours continuous operation

  • Compact and lightweight design

OCI-20BN datasheet

OVA-50 Intelligent Optical Variable Attenuator

The OVA-50 optical variable attenuator, set to relative attenuation, accurately attenuates the input signal at 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625nm wavelengths, or keeps the output optical output level stable.

Product Features:

  • Attenuation range: 2.5 - 60dB

  • Direct output power control

  • Various operating modes: Output Power Hold, Absolute / Relative Attenuation Setting, Stored Program (10 favorite attenuation values can be stored)

  • Setting steps: 0.05 / 0.1 / 1 / 10dB

  • PC control and charging via USB port

  • 30 hours continuous operation

  • Lightweight and easy to use

OVA-50 datasheet