Other optical instruments

VLS-8 mini visual fault locator

Product Features:

  • 2,5mm universal interface (compatible with the FC/SC/ST optical connectors)

  • Small, compact design

  • Various output versions of products: up to 15Km detection distance

  • CW or 2Hz modulated operating modes

VLS-8 datasheet

OFI-20A Optical fiber identifier

The OFI-20A is capable of measuring the optical power of a given fiber without connecting, by bending the optical fiber (but without damage).

Product Features:

  • Optical fiber types: 250um, 900um, 2 / 3mm pigtail / patch cables

  • Damage-free signal detection

  • Detecting the strength and direction of the optical signal

  • CW/MOD tone detection

  • Handy, robust design

OFI-20A datasheet

OCI-20BN Optical connector inspector

The OCI-20BN connector test microscope is suitable for testing the surface of optical fibers and connectors. The microscope makes it easy to identify impurities and injuries.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with various optical connectors

  • Video input (microscope) for testing connectors and connectors

  • Separated monitor

  • Audio and video recording capability

  • Multimedia playback

  • Large storage capacity: TF card up to 16GB

  • Data transfer via USB 2.0 port

  • 3 hours continuous operation

  • Compact and lightweight design

OCI-20BN datasheet

OVA-50 Intelligent Optical Variable Attenuator

The OVA-50 optical variable attenuator, set to relative attenuation, accurately attenuates the input signal at 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625nm wavelengths, or keeps the output optical output level stable.

Product Features:

  • Attenuation range: 2.5 - 60dB

  • Direct output power control

  • Various operating modes: Output Power Hold, Absolute / Relative Attenuation Setting, Stored Program (10 favorite attenuation values can be stored)

  • Setting steps: 0.05 / 0.1 / 1 / 10dB

  • PC control and charging via USB port

  • 30 hours continuous operation

  • Lightweight and easy to use

OVA-50 datasheet