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Optical loss tests

Optical power and insertion loss measurements

The Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech. and ShinewayTech Chinese companies offer various optical light sources and power meters as well as insertion loss test sets

Optical laser sources

SLS-50 Intelligent stabilized laser source


Using the SLS-50 laser light source, a stable optical signal can be produced at different wavelengths. The OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter allows you to identify the optical fiber and accurately measure the fiber attenuation.


Product Features:

  • ​6dB adjustable power output range

  • Automatic wavelength identification/switch

  • Remote reference value setting

  • FTTX compatibility

  • USB power charging

  • Up to 40 hours continuous operation 

  •  Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

SLS-50 laser source datasheet

Optical power meters

FHP12 mini optical power meter


Product Features:

  • 2,5mm universal interface (compatible with the FC/SC/ST connectors)

  • 850nm, 1300nnm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm and 1625nm calibrated wavelengths

  • Low power consumption: up to 80 hours continuous operation

  • Linear and  logarithmic power display (mW, or dBm)

  • Relative value measurement function

  • Small, compact design

FHP12 mini optical power meter datasheet

FHP2B04 optical power meter


Product Features:

  • Auto-wavelengths recognition with the FHS2D02 laser source. 

  • Measurement result storage and PC communication software

  • Replaceable optical connectors: FC/SC

  • Alternative power option: 2x1.5V accumulator/USB adapter

  • Small, lightweight. shock and dust proof design

  • -50 to +26dBm optical measurement range

  • Switchable LCD backlight

FHP2B04 optical power meter datasheet

OPM-50 Intelligent optical power meter


Product Feature:

  • Automatic wavelength identification (with SLS-50 Laser Source)

  • Remote reference value setting

  • FTTx applicable

  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

  • Memory of 1000 test records

  • Data Transfer to PC via USB

  • Backlight

  • 70 hours continuous operation

  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

OPM-50 optical power meter datasheet

PON optical power meters

Grandway FHP2P01 PON power meter


product Features:

  • It was developed for FTTx PON testing

  • Cost-effective

  • It measures at all three wavelengths simultaneously (1310m 1490 and 1550nm)

  • Pass-through measurement

  • 1310nm Burst signal detection

  • Threshold programmable

  • Acceptance test according to the pre-defined tresholds

  • Measurement result storage (900 records)

  • Monochrome display with switchable backlight

FHP2P01 PON optical power meter datasheet

FHP2G10 10GEPON/XGPON PON előreirányú teljesítménymérő



  • 1270nm/1310nm/1490nm/1577nm/1625nm teljesítmény értékek mérése

  • 10GEPON/XGPON előreirányú 1490nm/1577nm teszt

  • Megfelelőségi mérések, küszöbértékek beállításával

  • 10mW látható fényű hibahelykereső

  • Mérési eredmény tárolási lehetőség (999 eredmény)

  • Monochrom kijelző, kapcsolható háttér világítással

FHP2G10 10GEPON/XGPON  előre irányú optikai teljesítménymérő adatlap

PPM-50 PON power meter


Product Features:

  • Specially designed for FTTx PON (B/E/G) applications 

  • Easy operation: Connect the fiber and get the results

  • Simultaneous Triple-play PON signal measurement  (1310m, 1490 and 1550nm)

  • Pass-through test

  • 1310nm Burst signal detection

  • User defined thresholds

  • Pass/warning/fail according to the pre-defined limits 

  • Data results storage (2000 results)

  • Color TFT display

PPM-50 datasheet

LIT-100 10GPON teljesítménymérő



  • FTTx/PON(B/E/G/10G) alkalmazásokra lett kifejlesztve

  • Egyszerű működés: A szál csatlakoztatása után azonnal látható az eredmény

  • Egyidejű több hullámhosszon történő PON jel mérés:1270/1310/1490/1550 /1577nm

  • Átmenő tesztelési mód 

  • 1270/1310nm Burst jel detektálás

  • Felhasználó által definiálható szint határok

  • Megfelelőségi teszt a definiált határok alapján

  • Mérési eredmény tárolási lehetőség (2000 eredmény)

  • 5" Színes TFT kijelző

LIT-100 adatlap

OCC-50 CWDM channel checker


Product Features:

  • Perfect tool for installing and maintaining CWDM networks

  • TFT LCD display (320x240)

  • 18-channel measurement:Model OCC-50B, 1271-1611nm

  •  8-channel measurement:Model OCC-50A, 1471-1611nm

  • Result display in histogram and list

  • Normal optical power measurement function

  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

  • User definable threshold setting

  • Data Transfer to PC via USB

  • 10 hours continuous operation

  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

OCC-50 datasheet

Optical loss testers

FHM2B Optical multimeter


The FHM2B Optical loss tester integrates optical light source and power meter modules into one device. This makes it easy to determine optical power and optical insertion loss values.

Product Features:

  • Replaceable optical connectors: FC/SC/ST

  • Small, lightweight, shock and dustproof design

  • Laser source wavelengths used in case of the PON networks (1310/1490/1550nm)

  • Up to 999 measurement storage capacity

  • USB interface and PC associated software available

  • Optical link insertion loss measurement

  • Supported measurement units: dB, dBm, mW, uW,

  • CW/Modulated modes (270Hz, 1 KHz és 2 KHz)

FHM2B datasheet

OLT-55 Intelligent loss tester


The OLT-55 is an intelligent optical loss tester instrument that includes a SLS stabilized laser light source, an OPM optical power meter, and optionally an ORL optical reflection meter module. With two OLT-55 instruments, it is possible to fully automatically measure the two-way insertion loss by pressing a button.

Product Features:

  • All-in-one: SLS + OPM + OLT + ORL + Length test

  • Optical power monitoring

  • Bidirectional loss test on single fiber

  •  Pass/Fail assessment according to pre-defined limits

  • Automatic wavelength identification/switch (AutoID)

  • Remote reference value setting

  • Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

  • 1000 test records (CSV) storage & management

  • Data transfer to PC via USB (Driver-free)

  • Auto test records save in local unit/remote unit/both units

  • USB power charging

  • High resolution color LCD 

  • Over 35 hours continuous operation

  • Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

FHM2B datasheet

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