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RF passives

Technetix RF passives

The need for speed and capacity for data, video and telephone services on broadband cable television networks is constantly increasing. As a result, the quality requirements for HFC networks are constantly increasing. To do this, we offer the qualitative passive tools of Technetix.

Our product range includes headend passive combiner and distribution solutions, headend cables, and outdoor and indoor network passives.


Tratec Dutch company has over 30 years of experience in the development of broadband cable television devices. Outdoor and indoor passive tools, filters, isolators represent the highest technical standards. Tratec became part of the Technetix Group in 2005. Several unique, patented technical solutions are used in the passive devices they produce.


The latest Ingress Safe® technology incorporated into outdoor passive devices reduces return path interference levels. 80% of the noise coming back into cable television networks is generated by poor quality home networks of subscribers. Among the ingresses, the most important are TV, video and radio equipment KF signals (10.7 / 38.9 MHz), CB communication, short-wave radios and household appliances. A common feature of noise breaks is that they have a specific source and a frequency and phase relationship between interference from each subscriber.

With Technetix Ingress Safe®, reverse subscriber noise can be reduced by up to 6-10dB.

In the splitters and taps a 180 ° phase shift transformer is placed on every second output port. The essence of the solution is that only noise breaks quench each other (because they come from the same source) because they arrive at a 180 ° phase difference before the combiner point.


The Technetix Modem Safe® solution, a highly efficient surge protection circuit. Using Technetix Passives to avoid costly subscriber device failures.


Technetix's CPD Safe® solution eliminates signal interference in networks by eliminating common path distortion (CPD).

CPD is a common cause of network interference. The CPD is caused by the electrolytic corrosion of metals found in the RF ports of various passives or by the oxidation of various metals. CPD Safe technology minimizes this corrosion by using tin, nickel, and silver coatings.

Outdoor passives


Technetix has a complete outdoor passive product portfolio. Among their products are outdoor splitters with different port numbers and outdoor taps and power inserters.

Product Features of the Technetix outdoor taps:

  • Outdoor taps and splitters include Ingress Safe® noise reduction circuits.

  • CPD Safe Production Technology

  • Significant reduction of subscriber noise.

  • Robust, durable, outdoor design.

  • Female F connectors on subscriber ports and 5/8 ”NEF female connectors for line cable connection.

Indoor passives


The Technetix Indoor Passive Product Line includes splitters, taps, and various subscriber multimedia sockets for isolating subscribers.


ECOLine+ indoor splitters and taps

Product Features of  ECOLine+ product family:

  • Cenelec Class A Shielding Effectiveness.

  • ECOLine + taps and splitters include Ingress Safe® noise reduction circuits.

  • Significant reduction of subscriber noise.

  • ModemSafe® surge protection.

  • Earthing option.

  • CPD (Common Path Distortion) reduction with NiSn coating.


TRIS-210E fully isolated wall outlet 

  • Full isolation

  • Cenelec Class A Shielding Effectiveness.

  • ModemSafe® surge protection.

  • Earthing option.

  • CPD (Common Path Distortion) reduction with NiSn coating

  • Cable modem Out/ In port (5-60Mhz - 2dB, 80-1000MHz 10dB)

  • KTV Output (80-1000MHz - 2.3dB)


Other Technetix subscriber products

  • HPF-85TM 85MHz high pass filter

  • Subscriber distribution amplifiers

  • Subscriber outlets and isolators

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