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Optical node

HFC Optical node products

Our company offers the optical node products of Pacific Broadband Networks and Technetix. Our portfolio containsthe small compact "Fiber Deep" (there are no coaxial amplifiers after the optical node in these networks) optical nodes and the larger multi-output, segmentable and modular optical node platforms.

Most of the offered products meet the requirements of the latest DOCSIS 3.1 standard. The Technetix DBx range also includes Remote-PHY node components.

PBN ODN2000 two output optical node

The small and adaptable ODN2000 Optical Distribution Node with two amplified RF ports has been designed to affordably deliver interactive CATV and high capacity DOCSIS services. The LE2000 is the basic amplifier model and the LE2000 can be upgraded to a 2 port fiber node, ODN2000, by adding optional reverse transmitter module and forward receiver module. The ODN2000 is currently equipped with a GaAS module that offers a cost-effective and flexible solution to expand the network. The optical node offers two high power RF outputs, each with over 1 GHz of bandwidth. 

The optional DOCSIS transponder eases maintenance by allowing for remote monitoring for alerts resulting in a reduction in potential expenses by using existing DOCSIS infrastructure for cable modems to carry information creating a smarter more efficient network. 

Product Features:

  • ​Two independent RF outputs amplified with GaAS hybrids. 

  •  High-level outputs with more than 55 dBmV each at 1000 MHz

  • High output power supports Node +0 architecture

  • Can be seamlessly upgraded from an RF amplifier (LE2000) to an optical node (ODN2000)

  • Optical transmitter/receiver modules and RF amplifier can be individually installed, removed, or replaced. The modular design reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance.

  • Return-path lasers are available for 1310 nm or for CWDM applications 

  • Optional DOCSIS transponder to fully integrate forward and return path transmission signals

  • Standard attenuator pad to control both attenuation and equalization

ODN2000 datasheet

Technetix DBx optical node platform

Due to the ever-increasing capacity and speed demands, broadband cable networks are undergoing continuous development. Texhnetix DBx optical node products represent the latest technology and fully meet the requirements of DOCSIS 3.1 (wider bandwidth, higher modulation schemes, and new network topologies). The wide range of products (optical node platform with 4 different sizes and capacities available) and full modularity (the same platform can be transformed into coaxial amplifier, optical node and Remote-PHY node) ensure return on investment and long-term development.

Designed using the latest GaN 2.5 (Gallium Nitride) technology with standard and high output power downstream modules, you can drive 4K QAM signals over long cable distances and cascades (up to N + 4) while reducing power consumption.

The DBx range offers amplifiers/nodes for cabinet and strand (pole) mounting. The modular approach enables a flexible configuration of the platform, allowing hybrid mixtures of RF/optical for gradual migration to deep fibre.

Features of the DBx product family:

  • ​Latest GaN 2.5 technology ensures a future proof solution for digital transport

  • Lowest power consumption in the industry

  • Supports DOCSIS 3.1 today as an RF amplifier, optical node or Remote PHY node

  • Optical transmitter/receiver modules and RF amplifier can be individually installed, removed, or replaced. The modular design reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance.

  • Wide range of return path transmitters: 1310nm, 1550nm, CWDM and DWDM

  • Field replaceable diplexers and filters (65/85, 85/102, 85/105, 204/258 MHz)

  • Optional DOCSIS 3.0 management transponder

  • Locally or remotely controllable digital forward and return attenuators and EQs

  • Integrated return path ingress noise detection switch

  • Wide optical input range (-6dBm to +1dBm)

  • Optional redundant forward and return modules 

DBx product catalogue

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