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Headend cabling

PPC-Belden headend cables and connectors

With the continuous segmentation of advanced HFC networks, the number of active and passive devices on the headend (optical transmitters, return path receivers, headend combiners / distribution passive solutions) has increased dramatically. The service providers are constantly replacing the previously used four-shielded RG6 headend coaxial cables to RG59 mini cables for better space utilization and easier and tidy cabling, .

Our company offers PPC-Belden's quadshield professional headend cable and connectors for its customers. We have excellent references in the field of headend cabling. Many major Hungarian service providers (among others Magyar Telekom, Vidanet Zrt., Tarr Kft.) use the solution we offer.

Belden YE01804 mini RG59 headend coaxial cable


Product Features:

  • ​5-3000 MHz operating frequency range

  • Quad shield

  • 110dB shielding up to 1GHz

  • Perfect for high-density cabling of cable television headend

  • Can be ordered in 500m drums

  • Available in ten different colors: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, red, purple, white and yellow

YE01804 headend coaxial cable datasheet

MC-9 mini compression connector

MC-9 kép.jpg

Product Features:

  • Compatible with Belden YE01804 mini RG59 headend coax cable

  • Extremely easy to assemble: after cable stripping, you only have to push it to the cable and compress it with a tool

  • Integrated so-called "push-pin" pin design

  • Fully metallic construction

MC-9 datasheet

EXM-XLPLUS mini compression connector


Product Features:

  • Compatible with Belden YE01804 mini RG59 headend coax cable

  • Easy to install: After stripping, the outer film layer must be removed and the outer shielding folded back. Then, push the pin located on the first part of the connector to the cable's inner conductor. Finally push the connector to the cable and compress it with the right tool.

  • External pin construction

  • Unique, patented PPC SignalTight ™ Technology (a flexible copper element between the head and body of the connector) ensures that the contact remains continuous when the connector is loosened.

EXM-XLPLUS datasheet

CMPF-MINI mini compression connector


Product Features:

  • Compatible with Belden YE01804 mini RG59 headend coax cable

  • Reasonable price

  • External pin construction

CMPF-MINI datasheet

Promax fejléckép.jpg
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