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ATX optical products

ATX-Innotrans HFC optical solutions

InnoTrans offers unique, multi-wavelength transmission solutions, offering a cost-effective alternative to replacing remote headends, optical node segmentation, and FTTH CATV overlay.

InnoTrans, with its unique and patented procedures, eliminates the "chirp" and laser clipping effects in case of direct modulated optical lasers. Due to these techniques and high linearity, a significantly higher optical modulation index and thus lower optical launch power levels can be achieved. The InnoTrans solution provides the same quality parameters as the external modulated 1550nm optical transmitters at a much better price.

With their offered solution, it is possible to transmit up to 40 full-band forward and 80 return channels on an optical fiber.

ATX-Innotrans solutions:

Chromadigm - Full band, multi-wavelength optical TX
TranScend Iso Front 1.jpg

Chromadigm's 1550nm multi-wavelength optical transmitter, featuring InnoTrans's unique patented techniques, delivers the same quality parameters as external modulated optical transmitters at a much more affordable price. In case of the conventional direct modulated optical lasers the so-called "chirp" distortion and linearity issues are the main problems. InnoTrans eliminates these limitations. Up to 40 different wavelength full-band forward signals can be transmitted on an optical fiber (In case of more than 4 wavelengths configurations, 16 wavelengths can be inserted into the 2RU modular ChromaFlex frame).

Product Features:

  • ​The 1RU Compact Product Version may contain the maximum of 4 optical transmitters, an integrated EDFA unit and optical passives

  • Up to 4 different wavelengths in one unit

  • CIR product version optimized for FTTH applications with 1 wavelength and optional optical amplifier

  • Up to + 18dBm output optical power

  • Any combination of analog and digital channels

  • Outstanding CNR, CSO and CTB

  • Error-free QAM signal transmission due to high OMI

  • Distance independent transmission parameters

  • Optional integrated Express port for additional wavelength reception

  • 4-40 wavelength transmission on an optical fiber, depending on distance and channel allocation

CHS datasheet

CIR datasheet

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ChromaFlex optical transmission platform


ChromaFlex chassis features:

  • High density 2RU platform

  • 8 normal or 4 double width optical modules (in any combination)

  • Back redundant DC or AC, interchangeable power supply modules

  • Front panel LC / APC optical connectors

  • Rear RF Connections (4 RF Connectors / Modules)

  • Management and control module with local manual control connection

  • HTTP / SNMP remote control option

ChromaFlex chassis datasheet

Chromadigm CTx 1550nm optical TX modules


Product Features:

  • Potential Applications: High Density Optical Node Segmentation, Headend Replacement, Long Distance Optical Transmission

  • Same technical parameters as separate Chromadigm transmitters.

  • 1.218 GHz "Chirp" free optical transmitter.

  • Eliminating the "Clipping" effect makes it possible to use a higher OMI, thereby providing excellent MER and error-free pre-FEC and BER parameters.

  • Transmission of up to 40 ITU wavelengths on an optical fiber at 40 dB MER.

  • Independent Broadcast and Narrowcast RF inputs.

  • One module width is one wavelength version and a double module space width of 4 wavelengths.

  • Up to 16 wavelengths in 2RU frames.

  • Extendable distances up to 100Km. 

  • For single wavelength transmitters fixed 6dBm or 9-15dBm variable product versions, 4 wavelengths fixed + 5dBm per wavelength optical output power.

Chromadigm CTx optical TX datasheet

DMT 1310nm direct modulated optical transmitters


Product Features:

  • Operating frequency range: 50-1 218 MHz 

  • Optical output power: 4-14dBm

  • Up to 4 optical transmitters in one module slot and 32 optical transmitters in 2RU frames

  • 3 or 4 Optical TX Versions: In case of the 3 optical transmitters version there are one broadcast and 3 narrowcast RF inputs.  In case of the 4 optical transmitter version there are 4 Broadcast / Narrowcast RF Inputs.

  • Front panel LC / APC optical connectors and optional RF test point

  • DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility for high density and shorter transmission

Chromadigm DMT 1310nm optical TX datasheet

DMT DWDM 1550nm direct modulated optical transmitters


Product Features:

  • Operating frequency range: 50-1 218 MHz

  • 2, 3, or 4 optical transmitters in one module

  • High port density. up to 16 optical transmitters / RUs

  • 2, 3 or 4 optical transmitters versions: in case of the 2 and 3 versions there are one broadcast and 2-3 narrowcast RF inputs, in case of the 4 transmitters version there are 4 broadcast/narrowcast RF inputs

  • Optical Output Variations: Multiplexed Common Output, Multiplexed Common Output with Express Port and Separate Outputs

  • Front panel LC / APC optical connectors and optional RF test point

  • Typical node segmentation application: 8 wavelengths per fiber up to 25-30Km

Chromadigm DMT DWDM 1550nm optical TX datasheet

EDFA Optical amplifier


Product Features:

  • A module space optimized for multiple wavelength applications

  • Low noise <4.5 dB

  • Steady gain in a wide wavelength range, ± 0.25 dB

  • Output test point

  • Optional Express Port (Circulator or Filter Type)

  • Constant output optical power (+ 18dBm) or constant gain (4 or 6dB gain with 21dBm maximum optical output power) product versions

1550nm EDFA datasheet

QRRX Quad return path receiver


Product Features:

  • Very low noise

  • 8 modules (32 return receivers) in the 2RU frame

  • Normal and high sensitivity product versions: normal input level: 0 ... -20dBm, High sensitivity input range: -10 ... -28dBm

  • Optional express port

  • Optional integrated demultiplexer

  • RF attenuator range: 0 ... 30dB + output plug-in pads

  • Optional AGC

QRRX return receiver datasheet

REM Quad return path "Destacker"


The so-called " frequency stacking" procedure involves the mixing of four 85MHz or two 204 MHz reverse bands and transferring them to an optical fiber. This requires less fiber.

Product Features:

  • Quadruple Reverse Band

  • Integrated Optical Receiver and RF Frequency "Destacker"

  • 16 return / 1 RU

  • Four rear RF outputs

  • The same module can be programmed to divide 4pcs by 85 MHz or 2pcs by 205 MHz

  • Up to 60 Km transmission distance without EDFA

  • With DWDM technology, using up to 20 ITU wavelengths, up to 80 reverse directions can be transmitted on an optical fiber

REM Quad Destacker datasheet

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TranScend 1RU modular platform
TranScend Iso Rear 2.jpg

The TranScend 1RU is a modular frame optimized for HUB applications. There is also an outdoor temperature range optimized product version  (-20 ° C to +75 ° C). With the TranScend solution, it is possible to transfer many return channels between headends or HUBs, with few optical fibers. An optical fiber can carry up to 80 return channels.

Product Features:

  • High density 1RU frame

  • Outdoor product cabinet version: -20 ° C to +75 ° C operating temperature range

  • AC or DC power supply options

  • 4 Modules

  • SNMP-based device management

  • EDFA module for repeater application 

  • Optical switch for redundant applications

  • Quad return receiver module

  • 1550nm Direct Modulated Transmitter Module

  • Frequency "Stacker" and De-stacker modules, four reverse channel can be transmitted at one optical wavelength

TranScend datasheet

TranScend EDFA datasheet

TranScend return receiver datasheet

TranScend 1550nm optical TX datasheet

TranScend return stacker datsheet

TranScend return destacker datasheet

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I-HUB Outdoor platform 

The outdoor I-HUB platform offers a solution for replacing remote headends or HUBs, node segmentation and optical fiber release.

Product Features:

  • Outdoor, robust house

  • Suitable for receiving 10 single or 5 double modules

  • Redundant Power Supply

  • Integrated control and management card

  • Power and optical ports on both sides of the house

  • Two large optical organizer trays

  • Wide EDFA module selection

  • 2x1 optical switch

  • Opto-Stacker Module: Receives four optical return signals (4pcs 85MHz or 2pcs 204MHz reverse signals can be combined) combines them using the built-in RF Stacker and transmit on 1 optical fiber

I-HUB datasheet

I-HUB EDFA datasheet

I-HUB Opto-stacker datasheet

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